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Gradient Aspen


It's all about trying to establish a new world XC record by paragliders. The most famous places in the World for this kind of flying are South America and South Africa. Nobody never tried here, in this huge Chinese desert. Love for adventure. flying and this beautiful country, pushed us to look far. We are trying to organize everything keeping safety as the main partner. But in the Desert ain't easy...


Alex Hofer, Maurizio Romano


2 Guys, Maurizio Romano , pretty unknown, and another big guy pretty known Alex Hofer.
Maurizio is an Italian experienced XC pilot, he won the XC of Bassano del Grappa in 2008 flying 168 km with a DHV 2, landing in Slovenia - Tolmin.
Alex won everything is possible to win from speed racing to XC passing through the Red Bull X-Alps.

Red Bull X-Alps
The province

If you fly since long time and you flew in many kind of places you want to experience more. Living in big cities in China doesen't help flying paragliding. I live in Shanghai and Alex in Shenzhen. Both close to the sea. If you are a paragliding guy you fly also with your feet on the ground, and in one of this flight we looked far west in China...
Xinjiang's of 22 million residents can be broken into 13 ethnic groups including Uyghurs, Han, Kazakhs, Mongolians, Khalkha, Uzbeks, Tungusic-speaking Manchu, Sibos, Tajiks, Tatars, Russians, and Tahurs. In 1953, Han Chinese formed less than 10% of Xinjiang's population. Steady Han migration into the autonomous region has raised that number to approximately 40% today. The Uyghurs, a Turkic speaking people who live almost exclusively in Xinjiang, make up about 44% of the population, and are the reason for Xinjiang's autonomous status. Kazakhs comprise 8% of Xinjiang's residents.

China Taklamakan Desert


Both they live in China, and flying together in a wild place in the west of this huge country, they decided to try… All the pilots who live here, if they explore Google Earth, they will start to dream about the west of China… huge mountains and vast deserts…



China Taklamakan Desert


The Taklamakan Desert. In XinJiang Province. Monitoring of the weather has started…we will probably have a try in June or July..

The TaklaMakan is almost completely infertile, and from this barrenness comes its name which means "once you go in, you never come out". Marco Polo is believed to have crossed the desert during his travels along the Silk Road, likely by joining a caravan of camels which went from oasis to oasis



Gradient Paragliders
Gradient: A matter of feeling




Paragliding Shanghai

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