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  Alex Hofer


Let's know this guy. He flies since long time… we already know... Ok, let's talk about the man: when you meet him the first thing you notice is that he is quite tall, then he is kind, but in the beginning he doesn't talk so much, he seems to be quite reserved... I think he is just trying to understand who he is talking to… Then when he knows you a little bit more, the real Alex comes out: nice and capable of really funny jokes, smart talking, open to suggestions and always available to give suggestions and help. So in my opinion he is really a nice guy. We both live in China, and we both speak Chinese (Alex much better than me). There is just only one thing I don't like: when we walk on the road together I become invisible for the beautiful Chinese girls: being blond-blue eyes, 2 meters tall, he catalyzes the attention of the Chinese females seeing in him the stereotype of the tale's Prince Charming.

Born 13 January 1977 - Switzerland
Height: 1.97 mt
Weight: about 95 kg
Hair: blond
Eyes: blue

Talking about paragiding

Paragliding since he was 10
Licensed since he was 16
1995 started to fly competitions
2001 won the Swiss Championships
2002 Paragliding World Cup champion
2002 moved to China to work in paragliding
2002 European Champion
2003 World Champion
2003 260km record Alpine flight from Ebenalp to Lienz
2005 won Red Bull X-Alps in 12 days
2007 won Red Bull X-Alps in 14 days
2009 second in Red Bull X-Alps


Talking about flying in the desert

He says that he never flew in the desert and the idea of this vast spaces and infinite horizon is exciting. He said that maybe we could beat the world record and for sure we could fly the longest distance of our life. Yes, i think we can


  Maurizio Romano


This is me, the guy who is setting up these webpages. I moved to China in 2008 when I got a contract as university teacher in Shanghai, teaching Multimedia and Visual Communication. After 2 years I stopped to be teacher (total of 14 years teaching are enough), and I started my business-dream with paragliding. I'm Gradient distributor and Supair reseller. I like China and Chinese food. Here around Shanghai there are no places like the Alps and to fly from a 400 mt hill we have to drive 230 km far… So you start to dream and look on Google Earth … Than from here the idea to fly in the west of China and the meeting with Alex, who shares my same dreams about flying, and i found out even if we look so different we have many things in common. What else can i say about me? When i was younger i was super involved at agonistic level in Baket, Swimming and Athletic. Maybe too much...

Born 5 May 1968 - Italy
Height: 1.84 mt
Weight: about 95 kg
Hair: none
Eyes: brown

Talking about paragiding

I'm not famous as Alex. I never took part on a speed racing competition (actually once, but it was supposed to be a XC open distance, then in the last moment they changed to speed). I fly since 1997. I moved to Bassano del Grappa in 1998 just because I wanted to fly frequently… I love XC and I soon decided that my kind of glider was a DHV 2, with this I don't get too stressed flying in turbulence and I don't get too tired when I fly longer than 5 hours. Cross Country for me is a passion, is a dialogue with the nature and a competition with myself. I fly better when i fly alone, I'm scared to fly close to other people, that's why I avoided speed racing. My best result in the Alps is 170 km (XCONTEST track). From Bassano (Italy) to Tolmin (Slovenia), with that flight i won the XC-Bassano 2008 (Italian name: Cross del Grappa). As long as i know I'm still the only one flying a DHV 2 who arrived in Slovenia from Bassano.


Talking about flying in the desert

It's a new experience, I'm scared about the snakes in the desert... It seems that they have many kinds there. It is the driest desert on Earth and without water we could die within 2 days. I hope we land in places easy to reach by car. I'm scared-excited. It should be amazingly beautiful.



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