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Maybe you are one of us, one of those people who dreams to fly your own paraglider and to glide silently upwards in the sky. If so, first of all you should experience flying with a tandem paraglider. Then if you are really sure that you want to learn more, i can teach you to fly your own solo paraglider.



Flying a paraglider is a wonderful activity, that can take you to beautifull places, far from the city. It's funny, it's relaxing and it's something magical. However you cannot improvise and teach yourself to fly. Flying can be dangerous, just as it can be dangerous to drive a car at 100 km/h on a highway if you have never learnt to drive...

I have an extensive experince of paragliding. In China paragliding is a relatively new activity. Many of the older Chinese teachers here only have half of my experience.

The Course

The course takes about 6 months and comprises both a theorethical part and a practical part. I will provide a training manual that you will use to study aerodynamic theory. Here in China this kind of theory is underestimated, so that when something occurs people simply don't understand why it happened.

The practical part is divided in 3 parts:

  1. Ground handling: This will help you to get the feeling of your glider and to learn how to manipulate the controls.
  2. Simulation: We will stay on the ground and you will sit in the harness. I will simulate the feedback of the harness for any possible flying situation. Before you fly you will know what you can expect to experience and how to react.
  3. Flying practice: in the air. This will happen when i say you are ready to fly (only when I say and not before). Some people are ready earlier than others but this does not mean that they are smarter or will always be a better flyer compared with other people. During practice flights i will always be ready to give you suggestions and feedback by radio.

The course include also the tandem flights (with me) that you need to feel confident in the air and to learn to fly.


The theory part includes:

  1. Aerodynamic principles
  2. Meteorology
  3. The physical laws related to paragliding flight



The equipment

To start i suggest that you should buy good equipment. This means the harness, the paraglider, and the reserve parachute. I will help you to find one. It's also possible to rent the equipment. But if you want to buy a new glider is strongly recommended the GRADIENT BRIGHT 4 - a very easy and performant school paraglider with a very interesting price.

CONTACT ME for further details.


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