Cross Country in Fuyang

Fly tandem does not require any specific preparation. The only input that the passenger has to make is a light run on the hill during the taking off (maximum 10 seconds run)... and then we fly. Contrary to what people might think, flying can be very relaxing. The flight is smooth and slow. There is no noise around you, only wind and nature. My name is Maurizio, I’m Italian and I have been flying since 1997. Come and fly with me!



Not far from Shanghai there are mountains, bamboo forests and wide tea plantations. There you can go trekking, walking and obviously it’s possible to fly paragliding. Up on the mountain there is a restaurants and a hotel. You can come for 1 day or you can spend a whole weekend. It’s a nice way to have a break from the City. The take-off is at 700 meters above sea level.



But you are reading this page because you want to fly, so let's talk about tandem paragliding. When is it possible to fly? Well the answer is that if the weather conditions are good we could fly any day, no matter if it is a weekday or the weekend, summer and winter, hot or cold. The wind must to be suitable (this means not too strong and not coming from the back of the hill). No wind at all is also ok. However if it rains we won't fly. What about the equipment ? You need a helmet, obviously i'll provide one for you. You also need to wear a good pair of shoes that allow you to run. I would suggest you also also wear a light jacket, no matter if it's summer and warm weather. If we go up it could be cold. How long will your flight take ? If the conditions are good we'll fly at least 15 minutes. This is the right duration for the first flight, to avoid the risk of air sickness. Local tandem pilots usually fly for less than 5 minutes, but i want to give to the passenger the feeling of soaring not of sinking... so i guarantee a minimum of 15 minutes. Where will we land? If the conditions are good we will land where we took off. Otherwise we will fly down to the landing place, at the foot of the hill..
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Booking a tandem flight
Ok, now you want to's really easy, simply call me (13472563988), or you can jump to the contacts page and complete the booking form... writing in the subject field the words BOOKING TANDEM. After you have booked the flight I will contact you 2 days before the flight to update you on the weather condition and the possibility to fly.
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