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Welcome to Paragliding Shanghai

This website wants to become a reference point for those people living in Shanghai who want to try paragliding, because they are curious and because they feel the need to escape from the city, spending one or two days in close contact with nature.

This website has been made also for international paragliding pilots who come to Shanghai (or China) and they don’t know where and how to go flying. I experienced all this, so I know the frustration of feeling completely lost and totally dependent on other people.

From this web site you can download a file that is a step by step guide. It’s in English with Chinese characters to show to the ticket office of the train station or to the bus station. You’ll be able to arrive at the takeoff painlessly. Have a nice navigation.


Flying is an ancient dream.

After thousands of years finally on December 17th 1903 the Wright brothers were able to control a flight with a machine heavier than air, but they used an engine. My dream about flying was (is) to fly like a bird: no engine, just air and nature. Well, it’s possible: paragliding. A paraglider is a free-flying machine that looks like a parachute, actually it’s an evolution of parachuting. While parachutes launch from an airplane and they go only down, paragliders take off form an hill , and if you find a thermal you can go higher than the takeoff, some times much higher and far, faraway.

Each of us has a pair of wings, but only those who dream learn to fly. (Jim Morrison).



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Paragliding for people who never tried is a strong and funny experience...    Click Here

Gradient Paragliders
Gradient: A matter of feeling

Something magical

There is something magical when you are up in the air. You forget all your problems, and you surf the sky moving freely in three dimensions… The emotion is hard to describe and I suppose it’s different for each one of us. The best way to approach paragliding is to fly Tandem. It means you fly with an experienced pilot. I have been flying paragliding since 1997.
Come to fly with me.





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